Rockford Dental Care

As a resident in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas families are seeking dental care. Dr. Zak and his team strive to be your choice and we hope that you choose the Tooth Fairy Castle as your children’s dental home. We understand that there are a lot of great choices for your family’s dental needs. It is our goal as a team to make your children feel at ease and welcomed. Children may be frightened with the thought of having to “go to the dentist.” Dr. Zak built the Tooth Fairy Castle with that in mind. He wanted to welcome children in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment. We often see that children are so at ease and happy to be at “Tooth Fairy Castle”, that they actually do not want to leave. Often times they cry on the way out rather than on the way in because they want to stay and play.

Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit an Enjoyable One!

When Dr. Zak built the castle he designed the service area as an open concept so that children and their parents feel welcomed, with a dinosaur tooth museum, and a salt water fish tank with colorful fish; our goal is to have a relaxing environment before the child even reached the dental chair. In the waiting room the play area is built as a small replica of the outside of the building. Upon entering the waiting room a child is welcomed by castle looking furniture, a tooth museum area, and a castle- their size that they can go inside and play in. As a Rockford dental care specialist we invite you to come and visit us “Where children are our specialty!”